About Scortik

Scortik is a developer’s roadmap for Web3 ecosystem protocols, tools and technology that provides an objective landscape for evaluating and analyzing the technical components and measurements.

From core aspects like write speed, read speed, and gas fee to extended analysis in developer support, and GitHub engagement, Scortik covers everything and offers a 360-degree overview of a protocol’s developer ecosystem.

The Need for Scortik in the Blockchain Space

Most existing blockchain review platforms focus on security audits or price tracking of cryptocurrencies. The lack of a neutral, third-party blockchain developer ecosystem evaluation and verification system has hindered the demanding needs of Web3 developers. Scale-ups, enterprises, and even startups of Web3 developers need a comprehensive in-depth technical analysis of blockchain protocols to asses their suitability for development.

The Web3 space, being decentralized and anonymous, makes it harder for developers to make choices. Scortik stands to resolve this problem by presenting real-time protocol data based on reliable, reference-able, and measurable technical metrics.

Scortik – A Community Initiative

Scortik is a community initiative, visioned by leaders in blockchain development space to help businesses and Web3 developers navigate the crowded decentralized space and identify the most suitable blockchain platform for their development needs.