Frequently Asked Questions

What is Scortik?

A blockchain protocols rating and review platform that offers objective analyses of different technical components of blockchain protocols and networks.

What is the goal of Scortik?

Scortik is a community initiative visioned by leaders in the blockchain development space. Scortik provides developers and enterprises a roadmap for Web3 ecosystem protocols, tools and technology. 

Who should use Scortik?

Scale-ups, enterprises, startups and developers in the web3 space can use Scortik’s comprehensive, in-depth technical analysis of blockchain protocols to assess their suitability for development.

How can Scortik help me?

Scortik assists developers in navigating through the crowded decentralized space and determining the best blockchain protocol for their development needs.

How to get a protocol listed on Scortik?

To get your protocol listed on Scortik, you need to request a protocol review. Once your protocol is submitted and evaluated on eight scoring parameters, it will be listed on Scortik

What are Scortik's audit areas?

Scortik evaluates a blockchain protocol based on eight scoring parameters: ecosystem, performance, foundation tools, grant program, documentation, third-party services, add-ons and developer community.

What technical components are audited by Scortik?

Scortik covers everything and provides a 360-degree overview of a protocol’s developer ecosystem, from core aspects like write speed, read speed, and gas fee to extended analysis in developer support and GitHub engagement.

How many protocols are listed on Scortik?

Scortik currently has 35 protocols listed. More protocols will be added to Scortik as the community expands its auditing.

How to join the Scortik community?

The Scortik community is active on Discord, Telegram, Facebook and Twitter. You can agree to community terms and join the community to keep yourself abreast with multiple protocol updates and discussions.

Can I contribute to Scortik?

Yes, you can contribute as a protocol ambassador. With our ambassador program, you can promote any protocol(s) of your interest over Scortik’s digital communities like Discord, Telegram and Twitter.