How to finding ReadSpeed of transactions for Stellar


  • Create a folder and open it on vscode and creating a  package.json using npm init  file and also a file like read.js

Step 2.

  • Install three dependencies like  express, axios, moment

Express :
  • Express is a node js web application framework that provides broad features for building web and mobile applications.

  •  It is used to build a single page, multipage, and hybrid web application.

  • It’s a layer built on the top of the Node js that helps manage servers and routes.

 Axios :
  • Axios is a browser and Node. js promise-based HTTP client.

  •  Axios makes it straightforward to send asynchronous HTTP requests to REST APIs and conduct CRUD activities

Moment :
  • A JavaScript date library for parsing, validating, manipulating, and formatting dates.

 Step 3.

  • Now, import dependencies and create a express server in read.js like this.


Step 4.

  •  Make a async readTransction  function for calculating transction read speed :Read.js

const readTransaction = async () => {

try {


catch (error) {


}  };

Step 5.

  • Now , use logic to get read speed value like

const readTransaction = async () => {

try {

//here initialize two variable like startTime and totalTime

let startTime,

totalTime = 0;

//use for loop 5 times time for the transction api

for (let index = 0; index < 5; index++) {

//assign current date to the startTime variable

startTime =;

//getting api response using axios

await axios


.then(async (res) => {


response =;


.catch((error) => {



//here finding difference of time

totalTime += moment().diff(moment(startTime), "milliseconds");


// finding average of totaltime divided by 5 (because loop is going on 5times)
Var readspeed =totalTime/5;



} catch (error) {




Time is calculating in milliseconds