Top Blockchain Development Companies


Blockchain technology has gained immense traction thanks to the new frontiers of possibilities that it has opened up. It has created opportunities in diverse domains and overhauled the traditional functioning of many industries. From banking and finance to healthcare and supply chain management, it has the potential to revolutionize a wide range of industries. With the capability to provide a secure, decentralized, and transparent method for storing and transferring data, it is a highly sought-after technology for firms of all sizes.

However, most companies need more experience to develop blockchain-based solutions in-house, which is where blockchain development companies come in handy. Blockchain development companies specialize in identifying ways blockchain can enhance businesses and then helping them implement the technology. Let's look at some of the top blockchain development companies in the industry and discuss their capabilities and services.



1. LeewayHertz

Since its founding in 2007, LeewayHertz, a web3-oriented software development company, has been keeping pace with all the latest technological advancements in the web3 space. As a blockchain development company, it excels at delivering blockchain-based solutions to businesses across various industries. They have experience building decentralized applications on various blockchain platforms, including Ethereum, Stellar, Solana, and Hyperledger. A few of their services include decentralized finance (DeFi), smart contract development, and dApp development. More than 125 software products have been developed by their 250+ full-stack developers for leading companies like Siemens, Eton, and ESPN.

The company has also created and deployed real-world blockchain use cases, which have proven successful in various industries.



San Francisco, USA

TraceRX, Armanino


2. ConsenSys

Founded in early 2015, ConsenSys is a blockchain development company that builds decentralized applications and infrastructure on the Ethereum blockchain. They have a wide range of expertise in areas such as smart contract development, decentralized finance, and enterprise blockchain solutions.

The company is focused on creating a decentralized future through blockchain technology to build an open, transparent, and secure system. Their popular products include Metamask, Truffle, Diligence, Codefi and Infura.



Brooklyn, NY, USA



3. Innovecs

As a software development company, Innovecs offers several development services like QA and DevOps consulting, data science, gamification, cloud solutions development, 3rd party integration, blockchain development and more. As part of their blockchain development services, Innovecs helps businesses to build blockchain solutions from scratch and provides blockchain consulting for businesses interested in integrating the technology into their operations

They specialize in developing several blockchain-based programs, including smart contracts, white-label solutions, distributed ledgers, crypto tokens and more.



Kyiv, Ukraine

CallFire, Iron Source, Neo Games


4. Markovate

With a team of experts well-versed in the latest blockchain innovations and trends, Markovate helps businesses adopt blockchain technology into their ecosystem. They also help businesses build secure, scalable and interoperable dApps backed by powerful smart contracts that help to streamline business operations and automate processes.

They are also experts in building DEXs, crypto wallets, NFTs and NFT marketplaces, metaverse and more. During their 13+ years of professionalism in blockchain development, their developers have successfully delivered over 25 blockchain solutions to a wide range of clients.



San Francisco, USA

PiEV, Ripple, Wepay


5. Tatum

Tatum provides its clients with blockchain solutions, including smart contract development, blockchain consulting, and blockchain development. To help companies implement blockchain technology, they work with businesses of all sizes, including startups and enterprises.

To provide customized solutions for their clients, Tatum uses blockchain platforms such as Ethereum, Bitcoin, and Hyperledger. Businesses can also easily integrate blockchain technology into their existing systems via their proprietary blockchain-as-a-service (BaaS) platform.



London, England

Bitpowr, Dantown, Elliptic


6. Altoros

As a leading IT services provider, Altoros specializes in providing cutting-edge blockchain development services to businesses of medium and large sizes. Altoros' blockchain development services include blockchain development and deployment, blockchain consulting, public blockchain development services, dApp building, and more.

Their blockchain development team has a solid knowledge of blockchain protocols like Hyperledger Fabric, Ethereum, Corda and Quorum and has cross-cutting knowledge of emerging technologies.

250 – 999


Pleasanton, CA United States

Couchbase, Siemens, Toyota


7. Coinfabrik

Known for providing clients with secure, scalable, and high-quality blockchain solutions, Coinfabrik is an industry leader in the blockchain industry. It offers web3 solutions in multiple blockchain technologies and specializes in the smart contract and dApp development, blockchain consulting, and security audit of smart contracts and dApps.

Since its foundation in 2014, the company has worked with global firms in varying industries to deliver 200+ projects. By providing a wide range of innovative products and services, their interdisciplinary team facilitates the decentralization process for the clients.



Buenos Aires, Argentina

MONACO, Algorand


8. Chain

As a blockchain development firm, Chain assists businesses, organizations, and government agencies with integrating distributed ledger technology into their business operations. Services offered by the firm include specialized blockchain application development, blockchain technology integration into existing systems, and blockchain strategy consulting.

Countless blockchain solutions have been created by Chain's developers and strategists with a track record of increasing transparency, streamlining processes, and enhancing customer business value.

Not Specified


San Francisco

Nasdaq, VISA, CITI

MLG Blockchain

9. MLG Blockchain

MLG Blockchain provides premium services, from consulting to blockchain development, smart contract development, dApp creation, and more. Their experts have experience developing solutions in numerous blockchain protocols like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, EOS, Hyperledger, Tron, Aion and other popular networks.

The company also aids enterprises in capital management, SAFT investment agreements and ITO liquidation. From consulting to strategic planning to executive blockchain training, MLG ensures that customers receive profit-driven results.

50 – 249


Toronto, Canada

CoralHealth, MailCoin, Kinesis


10. Empirica

Empirica is a fintech development company possessing a strong team experienced in financial technology projects. They are skillful in building robust, scalable and distributed architectures, automated investment, blockchain projects and digital assets catered specifically for fintech. They offer cryptocurrency algorithmic trading platforms, ICO investor portals, smart contract development, and crypto asset management services.

In addition to trade finance, equity post-trade processing, loans, and peer-to-peer systems, Empirica covers a broad range of financial services where blockchain can be used.



Wroclaw, Poland

SadaPay, BitBay



The article highlights the importance of blockchain technology and the growing demand for blockchain development companies. The top blockchain development companies listed above offer a range of services, including decentralized finance (DeFi) development, smart contract development, dApp development, blockchain consulting, and blockchain integration. They have experience with various blockchain platforms and have delivered successful blockchain solutions to leading companies in various industries. Hence, businesses looking to adopt blockchain technology can benefit from the services of these top blockchain development companies.