Upgrading a node using Node Binary

This tutorial explains how to upgrade a node using a node binary. The instructions are separated into two parts: Validator Nodes and Non-Validating/Explorer Nodes. The steps for each type of node include downloading the new node binary, restarting the Systemd service, backing up files, and making changes to the explorer database. The tutorial also covers checking the node and updating the explorer database.

Validator Nodes

Backup Files

Create a folder called “backup” in case it does not exist:

mkdir -p backup


Backup the harmony binary file:

cp harmony backup


Download Node Binary

Before we proceed to next steps we need to download the node binary first:


curl -LO && mv binary harmony && chmod +x harmony



curl -LO && mv binary_testnet harmony && chmod +x harmony


Check the node binary version that was downloaded:

./harmony -V


Restart Systemd Service

sudo service harmony restart


To check your node follow instructions on Checking A Node.

Non-Validating/Explorer Nodes

Requirements for Explorer Nodes have changed. Check here before going forward.

Download New Explorer DB



Backup Files

mkdir -p backup
cp harmony backup


Download Node Binary and Stop Service

curl -LO && mv binary harmony && chmod +x harmony
sudo service harmony stop


Backup Old Explorer DB

mv explorer_storage_0.0.0.0_9000 explorer_storage_0.0.0.0_9000.backup


Extract New DB

tar xvzf explorer_storage_s0.tar.gz


Change RPC Rate Limit

Change harmony.conf file and add make sure the RPC Rate Limit is set to at least 50000:

RequestsPerSecond = 50000


Start Systemd Service

sudo service harmony start


DB migration should take no more than a few hours to conclude.