This tutorial covers how to collect rewards for your Harmony staking and how to add a validator logo to your staking dashboard profile.

To collect rewards, you can use the CLI command “./hmy staking collect-rewards” with the delegator address and passphrase. The rewards can only be collected all at once, not partially.

To add a validator logo to your staking dashboard profile, you can either use Keybase or Github (deprecated). To use Keybase, log in to your account, create a PGP key, and use the command “./hmy staking edit-validator” with the validator address, keybase fingerprint, and passphrase. For Github, fork the “validator-logos” repo, add your logo in the “validators” folder using your Harmony address as the file name, and create a pull request for review.

Collecting Rewards

How to collect your rewards

You can collect your rewards with the following command:


./hmy --node="" staking collect-rewards \
--delegator-addr [ONE ADDRESS] --passphrase



./hmy --node="" staking collect-rewards \
--delegator-addr [ONE ADDRESS] --passphrase



./hmy --node="" staking collect-rewards \
--delegator-addr one1km7xg8e3xjys7azp9f4xp8hkw79vm2h3f2lade --passphrase


The CLI will prompt your for the passphrase of the delegation account.

--delegator-addr is the account to collect rewards for

You can only collect ALL of your block rewards at once, not partially.

Adding A Validator Logo

Upload a custom logo to be displayed on your Staking Dashboard profile

Option 1: Using Keybase (Recommended)

Login to your Keybase account or create a new one.

On your profile, if you don’t have a PGP key set yet, just click on “Add a PGP key” to create or import an existing one.

Once you have created it just click on it like it is shown on the example below:

Once you click on it, Keybase will open a new page. Click on the link “this key”:

This will open a new page with the PGP public key finger print:

Use the following command to update your validator identity with the keybase fingerprint.

./hmy --node="" staking edit-validator --validator-addr [YOUR VALIDATOR ONE ADDRESS] --identity [YOUR KEYBASE FINGERPRINT] --passphrase


Enter the passphrase when prompted. Just wait 10 min and your Keybase profile picture will automatically be used for your validator image on the Staking Dashboard!

Option 2: Using Github (Deprecated)

This option will be deprecated and is not recommended anymore. For now, we still maintain compatibility with it, but we urge users to migrate to Option 1: Using Keybase.

Fork this github repo:

Add your logo by creating the logo image name using your Harmony one address as the file name and placing it inside “validators” folder. The logo image needs to be a .jpg file with 256×256 pixels or 512×512 pixels. Example: validators/one1pdv9lrdwl0rg5vglh4xtyrv3wjk3wsqket7zxy.jpg

Do not upload the .jpg file in the main repository directory. It must be inside the “validators” directory.

Create a pull request for your changes. A Harmony team member will review the image & approve it.