How to run a full node on the Alfajores Network using a prebuilt Docker image.

In this tutorial, we will go over the steps to set up and run a full node on the Alfajores Network using a prebuilt Docker image. The Alfajores Testnet is a Celo test network that allows developers to build and test applications on the Celo platform. A full node acts as a bridge between mobile wallets (running as light clients) and validator nodes in the Celo ecosystem. To begin, you will need to install Docker and set up the necessary environment variables. Then, you can pull the Celo Docker image and create a new account on the network. Finally, you can run the node using the specified command. With these steps, you can easily set up and run a full node on the Alfajores Network.

What is the Alfajores Testnet?

The Alfajores Testnet is a Celo test network for developers building on the Celo platform. You can use it to try out the Celo Wallet or the Celo CLI (by sending transfers to yourself or other users of the testnet). You can also assist in running the network by operating a full node on your machine (or on a cloud or hosting provider).

What is a Full Node?

Full nodes play a special purpose in the Celo ecosystem, acting as a bridge between the mobile wallets (running as light clients) and the validator nodes.

Step 1.

You have to install docker if you have already installed docker then you can skip this step and go ahead to next step

  • Go to this link –“ ” and follow all instructions there(involve creating or signing in with a Docker account, downloading a desktop app, and then launching the app to be able to use the Docker CLI).

  If you are using linux please go through this link and follow all the given instructions .

       Check Docker is installed or not

  •  Run command :
sudo docker


Step 2. Celo Networks

  •      For Alfajores network to set the environments variables

         Run command : 

    export CELO_IMAGE=Google Cloud console


  • For pulling the Celo Docker image. We are going to use docker images containing the Celo node software If you are re-running these instructions, the Celo Docker image may have been updated, and it’s important to get the latest version.

        Run  command :

    docker pull $CELO_IMAGE


  •   Create a directory(folder)name could be anything and  that will store the configuration and it ‘s copy of the blockchain

       Run command :

    mkdir celo-configuration  cd celo-configuration


    Create a account on that network if you have already account so you can skip this command

  •   Run  command :
    docker run -v $PWD:/root/.celo --rm -it $CELO_IMAGE account new



Note : You will get public key and secret key  of account  so please note down that key


Paste the Public key of account instead of =<YOUR-ACCOUNT-ADDRESS>  for saving this address to  an environment variables

            Run command :



For Running the Node

                 Run command :  

docker run --name celo-fullnode -d --restart unless-stopped --stop-timeout 300    -p -p -p 30303:30303 -p 30303:30303/udp -v $PWD:/root/.celo $CELO_IMAGE --verbosity 3 --syncmode full --http --http.addr --http.api eth,net,web3,debug,admin,personal --light.serve 90 --light.maxpeers 1000 --maxpeers 1100 --etherbase $CELO_ACCOUNT_ADDRESS --alfajores --datadir /root/.celo